How To Find The Best Electric Fireplace – Ultimate Guide

Fireplaces are being used by the peoples from the ancient time. But, those were not commercial and not good for health and environment. They are very useful and can be a charming addition to your home’s decoration. As a result of that they have become a compulsory stuff for any home. The ancient fireplaces were not as same as the present ones. The outlook and the technology of making fireplaces changed so much by time to time. And there are many fireplace manufactures out their bringing many new kind of fireplaces for the users. With the evolution of fireplaces from the ancient time to till today, the number of fireplaces have become plentiful. And, the uses of this stuff has increased day by day gradually. The modern fireplaces are becoming very popular day by day because of their amazing features.

How To Find The Best Electric Fireplace

But, it is very complicated task to choose the best or the perfect fireplace for yourself among all of those fireplaces out there. As a result of that, there are a lot of people are searching for the best fireplaces for them but not finding the perfect suit for them and  as a result ending in despair. For those of you, who want to know how to find the perfect fireplace for you and your home, or even acquire some knowledge about fireplaces which will certainly help you later during buying your fireplace, then you only need to go through this article as we are going to uncover a whole lot about different electrical fireplaces out in the market. And you will be able to get a detailed idea about them. And needless to say, that you will be good to go to buy the perfect fireplaces for you after reading this thoroughly. Here we will tell you about electric fireplaces and give you the best electric fireplaces review.

There are numerous number of electrical fireplaces out there. And all of them have different kinds of features. Consequently, it is very difficult to choose one from them because of their copiousness. You will surely be in dilemma to do that. So, for your ease we have prepared a table by comparing the features of some of the best fireplaces out in the market. You can get a thorough idea about all of them with only looking at the table.

 Top 3 Best Electric Fireplace Reviews


SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace in Espresso color

SEI Narita Media Console with Electric Fireplace, Espresso reviewIt is a very good looking and easy to assemble fireplace. It is fully electrical. It has adjustable shelf on each of its sides. And also comes with an open shelf on its top. It has two openings on the back for cable management. For this it will be very handy for your TV or gaming console as well. This fireplace is a very stylish and good looking one. And it is a portable one. So, it is undoubtedly one of the best electric fireplace. You will be able to easily install it without any hassle as this is a very easy to install fireplace.

Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert w/ Heater

Duraflame DFI020ARU-A004 Electric Fireplace Insert w Heater reviewThis fireplace is undoubtedly a budget friendly product. If you are on low budget but want a feature-full product then this fireplace can be a good choice for you. This is a full electric fireplace so, you don’t have to have wood for it. It is very energy efficient and all LED technology. It can also be a perfect portable fireplace. It can be plugged in any standard outlet. So, you don’t have to worry about its placing.

Dimplex CS-12056A Compact Electric Stove


Dimplex CS-12056A Compact Electric Stove reviewThis product is one of the best budget electric fireplace. You will get it for about 100 bucks from Amazon. It is very user friendly and can be easily set up anywhere for its compact size. You can also use its ‘NO HEAT’ option for non-heating function throughout the year. It is also energy efficient. So, if you want an energy efficient and affordable fireplace then you can easily go for this fireplace.

Types of Fireplaces

From the beginning of this article, we are telling that there are many kinds of fireplaces exist till date. Indeed three are many of them and we cannot easily say an exact number of the types. But, we are going to give a comprehensive idea about each of them.

# Masonry Fireplaces

Masonry Fireplaces1

They are the biggest type of fireplace. They are built with stone or brick. They are so power efficient. And they primarily use wood as their fuel. But, on some of them you can use propane, biomass and natural gas too. Though they burn fuel for a short period of time, they can heat up a big entire house for all day because of their size and productivity. In a word, they are the traditional and vintage looking fireplaces.

# Freestanding Fireplaces

Freestanding Fireplaces 2

This type of fireplaces are very beautiful to look at. And their performance to keep the room/house warm is also remarkable. They are self-contained and can be easily wall mounted with the help of some accessories. They don’t take much space. Some of them are electric. But, on the contrary some of them need gas or special gel as fuel. Their price is not so high compared to the Masonry fireplaces. So, this type of fireplaces can be a good choice if you want something within an affordable budget.

# Inserts


If you already have a space for a fireplace i.e. a fireplace opening in you r house, then this type of fireplaces will come in handy. Because, you can use this fireplace in place of your previous fireplace. They can be easily inserted on the existing space and they don’t take so much space. And their biggest advantage is they are very easy to install. Their size may vary. But, they can keep your room warm and will definitely increase the splendor of your room. So, this type of Fireplaces are also worthy of having.

# Zero Clearance Fireplaces

Zero Clearance Fireplaces

From the name, we can assume that this type of fireplaces can easily fit anywhere. You don’t need any special space or stand for them. You can design them as your choice and you can create space for keeping your TV, gaming consoles on top of this type of fireplaces. They are also cheap in price comparing to the other types and are also easy to install. So, you can definitely go for this type of fireplace.

# Electric Fireplaces


This type of fireplaces are the latest addition to the group of fireplaces. They have to operate with the help of electricity. And on this fireplaces, there are no actual fire. They come with flickering flame effect and long life LED lights for a mind-blowing look. They are hassle free to install and operate as well. Then can be portable or wall mounted. And you can also place TV or you gaming console on top of them depending on their model. They are very user friendly too. And, here we are going to review some of the best electric fireplace available in the market.

Other than these types, there are also various kinds of fireplaces can be found. But, they are almost alike to these types. So, if you have gone through this section, you should not have to worry about those.

Advantages of Fireplaces

Fireplaces are very useful for your home, whether you want to keep your home warm or beautiful. There are different kinds of fireplaces. And, there are many advantages of having a fireplace in your home as well. Here we are pointing out some of them.

  • To warm your home

The primary purpose of having a fireplace is obviously to keep the environment warm and cozy. Nothing can be compared with a fireplace, if you are thinking about keeping your home’s environment warm. All types of fireplaces do this task in the best way. So, having a fireplace in your home is a great plus-point if you want to keep the environment of your house warm.

  • Coziness

A fireplace can be a vital addition to your house. It will retain the environment full of life. You will feel more comfortable if you own a fireplace. Whenever you are sitting in front of a fireplace, it will give you a calm atmosphere to relax. So, a fireplace will surely be helpful to make you more than comfortable.

  • Enhance the beautification of your house

A good looking fireplace will surely enhance the adornment of your home. Fireplaces are made so beautifully and they can easily attract the peoples’ eyes. So, if you have a fireplace in your house, it will certainly help you to beautify the look of your house to a great extent.

  • Romantic environment

Fireplaces can easily transform the environment to a romantic and loving environment. It will surely be a perfect place for enjoying a romantic session with your loving person. So, a fireplace can be the best solution for a home dating session.

  • Don’t have to worry if there’s a blackout

Except some of the fireplaces, most of them can be run without electricity. So, unfortunately if there’s no electricity in your home for a time period, then you don’t have to worry about your fireplace. It will give the comfort and the sufficient amount of lights for your body and work.

  • Environment friendly fire

The modern fireplaces give you an eco-friendly fire. So, there’s nothing to worry about the environment. The fire that come from those fireplaces are not harmful for the environment. So, you can easily enjoy the warmth.

  • Portability

There are some portable model of fireplaces out there. So, if you want a fireplace to be portable and flexible, then you can go for those type of fireplaces. They can be moved anywhere you want, so you don’t have to worry about their placement in your home.

  • Abundance of Types

There are a lot of different kinds of fireplaces available. So, it will not be a problem for you to choose one among them. If you want a vintage designed fireplace, then you can go for the masonry ones. Again, if you want portable one then you can buy the portable designed ones. And even if you want an insert for your existing old fireplaces, you can also do that by purchasing the insert fireplaces.

  • To cook food

Most of the fireplaces can be used as a stove for cooking. The big masonry fireplaces usually can be used for baking Cakes or Pizza. And the other types also can be used to cook the every night’s dinner. So, a fireplace can be a good replacement for your cooking stove. Some fireplaces come with the cooking design. So, you can easily cook your dinner or make coffee for your guests too.

  • Others

You can keep many stuffs on top of your fireplace. Many users keep their TV, consoles or books on top of the fireplace. By doing that, it will give your house a cooler look.

Except these there are some other advantages of fireplaces. So, in a word we can say that a fireplace will be a great companion for you and your family.

How to buy the best and perfect fireplace for you:

As there are many types of fireplaces available in the market. We have to go through a difficult situation when choosing the best one for us. But, to disappear your worries we will discuss some important facts here, which have to consider before buying a fireplace. After reading this, you will surely be able to choose the perfect one for yourself.

Where you are going to place it:

The first thing you have to consider before buying a fireplace is where you are going to place it. If you want to place it in the middle of your home then you can go for that particular type of fireplaces which are perfect for placing in the middle of your house. The masonry fireplaces are great for this case.

Size and shape:

The fireplaces come in various sizes and shapes. You have to pick a size and shape before buying one. For this you have to consider the space you have for placing the fireplace. Then, measure the space and go for that sized fireplace. So, if you have much space go for a bigger one but if you don’t then buy a smaller sized one which will perfectly fit the space you have on your house for fireplace.


There are many various designed fireplaces in the market. But, it is an easy thing to say that a gorgeous, elegant or stylish designed fireplace will easily attract others and will improve the look of your house to a great extent. So, you have to choose the most elegant looking fireplaces among all of them. Then you will get an awesome looking decoration of your home.

Types of fireplaces:

As we have discussed about the various types of fireplaces earlier in this article. So we are not going to re-discuss those again. Instead, we will give you some suggestions to get best fireplace for you among all those numerous types. So, if you don’t need a fireplace which can be moved from place to place, then you should buy a masonry fireplace. But, if you need a portable one then choose one of the portable types. And if you have an old space existing for a fireplace, you should consider buying a fireplace insert. So, depending on your needs, you can easily choose the perfect type of fireplaces for you.

Comparing price between online and local store:

As we all know, now the fireplaces are also available online. Before buying one from the local stores, we should check the price of it online. Because, time to time the online shops offers discount on sell. So, you might get a cheaper rate because of buying online. Again, it is true that some local stores can also give you your chosen one within a reasonable price too. So, it’s better to check and compare the price before buying your one.

Installing procedure:

Some fireplaces can be installed easily, quite the reverse some are difficult to set up. So, if you want to do it yourself then you can buy that one which easy to set up. But, if you don’t want to do that instead you prefer a professional to handle it, then you can go for those complex ones. So, plan carefully before going to buy your chosen fireplace.

Read Reviews:

There are a lot of websites about fireplaces available. So, when you have to buy a fireplace, you should go there and read through the reviews. You can also read as many as customer reviews from Amazon or eBay etc. online stores. And, when you are in dilemma after choosing a few fireplaces at once but cannot decide which one is perfect for you. At that moment you can read the reviews and surely those will come in handy. And you will be able to choose the best one for you.

Fuel types:

Different kinds of fireplaces use different fuels. Some use wood, some use gas and others use electricity as fuel. So, you have to choose which type of fuel you have and can use to fuel your fireplace before buying one. Now, if you want to use wood the go for the one which uses wood as fuel. On the hand, some fireplaces also can be operated by almost all types of fuel such as- wood, electricity, gas etc. so, you can also buy one of them, if you want flexibility.


Last but not the least, you cannot buy a fireplace if it does not fit your budget. So, if you have a low budget then try choosing the budget friendly fireplaces, though you might not get all of the features which would get in the high priced ones. And, if you have a high budget, choose carefully that if you are getting the best fireplace for your money. Because, if you don’t check it, you might get fooled by the storekeepers.

FAQ about Fireplaces:

How many types of Fireplaces out there?

There are a number of different kinds of fireplaces. We cannot exactly point out the numbers.

Which is the best type of Fireplace?

It depends on your preference. Where a type may be good for you on the other hand another type may not suit your fondness.

What is best fireplace brand?

There a number of fireplace manufacturers out there. But, it is not easy to say which the best one. But, there are some popular brands out there you can go for the products of them.

Does smoke come out from Fireplaces?

Usually, smoke doesn’t come out from the modern fireplaces. But, it is obvious that smoke come out of some specific type of fireplaces.

Does the smoke is good for health?

Actually, the smoke which comes out of fireplaces is not harmful to your health.

Can I place a fireplace in my bedroom?

Yes, most of the fireplaces can be set up in bedroom.

What should I use as fuel for my Fireplace?

Usually, all the fireplaces does not use same types of fuel. Some use gas or wood and even some type of special fuel. It is better to contact to your product manufacturer. Again, some fireplaces can be operated by electricity too.

 Will my fireplaces be active during blackout?

All of the fireplaces which do not required electricity to run can be used without electricity. So, you should not have to worry about any sudden power cut.

Do I need to install a blower to my fireplaces?

Normally, almost all of the fireplaces comes with blower pre-installed. But, if yours does not have, you can definitely install one manually.

Can I use my fireplace as a cooking stove?

The short answer is ‘Yes’, but remember some of the fireplaces cannot be used for cooking.

Can I place TV or anything like that over my fireplace?

It depends on your fireplaces model. If your model support this type of activity you can do then. But, some doesn’t support, so check before doing anything like this as the heat may cause damage to your TV or gadgets.

What is the interval of cleaning my fireplace?

If you clean your fireplace before each use it will be great for your fireplace and you will get better performance from it.

Maintenance of fireplace:

If you want a long life time of your fireplace and a great performance from it as well, then undoubtedly you have to take care of it. Here we will discuss something about how to maintain your fireplace easily and in the best way.

Always keep clean:

It is the first and foremost thing to look for, if you want to get the best out of your fireplace you should clean your fireplace periodically. If you use every time before using it, without any doubt you will get better performance form your fireplace.

Do not put any unusual things on your fireplace:

Never put any types of random things on your fireplace. That may damage your favorite fireplace.

Never spray any inflammable spray near any open fireplaces.

Always use the perfect fuel:

If your fireplace require gas as a fuel, don’t try to use any other things instead if gas. It will definitely be dangerous for you

Clean it by professionals:

Clean your fireplace thoroughly, from inside to outside very once in a year. This task should be performed by professionals. As this thing is too delicate, you should try to this yourself.

Always try to use dry wood in wood burning fireplaces:

As we know that dry woods burn faster, so that you will not have to worry about the burning time. And dry wood also produce less smoke. So it is very good for the environment and your health as well.

If you are not an expert, don’t handle it carelessly:

If you are new user don’t know much about fireplaces then you should not do any types of customization or adjustments to your fireplace.

How To Set Up A Fireplace

Setting up a fireplace is not that tough. But, different types of fireplaces possess different procedure of installing. Here we will describe some basic points of setting up an electric fireplace.

  1. Bring out your electric fireplace from the package
  2. Choose a place, where you will set up your fireplace.
  3. If your fireplace is an insert, then put it on any older opening of your previous fireplace.
  4. Otherwise, you have to assemble your fireplace.
  5. To assemble, first take out all of the screws provided with fireplace
  6. Then put in all the screws on their particular place (refer to your manual)
  7. And attach the separated parts all with their specific parts with the help of the screws.
  8. Tighten the screws carefully.
  9. Then you will get your stand.
  10. Now, take out the firebox and place it in the space between your stand.
  11. And tighten the firebox with the help of the screws with the stand.
  12. Now, your fireplace is all set up. And, place it in any of your favorite place.
  13. Now, plug in one end of the power cable to the fireplace
  14. And plug in the other end to the power outlet
  15. Now, switch on the fireplace, and control your fireplace with the remote.


We have given a thorough review of some of the best electric fireplaces here. So, we are hoping that you can now choose the perfect fireplace for you after reading this. This is a very tough task to choose the best one for yourself though, you have to plan ahead before buying new fireplaces. And, we can tell you that if you want a hassle free fireplace with an affordable budget, you can go for those above.